(This Program Has Currently Been Suspended 2022/2023)



Waiver will be required for use. 

View the highlights of the machine below...


Contact us via email or phone to inquire about renting the ball machine out for not much more than a private court rental! 

Our clients will get full service. The machine will be setup for you, short tutorial, and just leave it when you are done. Full 5 Star Resort Service...

1000's of Balls/HR

You may get sick of hearing your coach sometimes. Or more likely with me, you have been taught so efficiently, you are ready to just take what you have learned and start hitting a lot of balls. This is the next step! It's cheaper than a lesson! Hit hundreds of returns, volleys, dinks, overheads, drives, drops, you name it - this thing can drill it!


  • Military-grade construction. Stainless steel and heavy-duty aluminum. Built like a tank X and is designed to last with simple to use technology.
  • With a top speed of 70 mph it is the fastest machine in the World.  Deep penetrating drives and reaction volleys.
  • With a low speed of 5 mph it is also the softest throwing machine in the World.  Perfect, soft feathery dinks at multiple heights and angles.
  • Spin.  Topspin and Underspin and the most common shot, flat at the touch of a finger.
  • 120 standard ball capacity giving you a ton of hits before you have to pickup.
  • “Stealth” Oscillation- Only X offers this very cool feature where the oscillation occurs inside the machine which is blacked out. You do not know where the ball is going until it shoots out of the front ball exit hole which helps your reflexes and mimics playing a real person. All other machines on the market oscillate on the outside bottom on small wheels that will turn in the direction the ball will go.  You can watch the machine's body turn and anticipate where the ball is going before it comes out. Not on X.
  • Incredible 10-12 hour standard battery 
  • True wireless remote. Up to 100+ feet indoor or outdoor.
  • Ability to operate X without using the wireless remote or the wireless remote FOB controller, just press the digital “feed” button.
  • Revolutionary Tri-Wheel/Mobile system that also doubles as instant ball height adjustment at a touch of a finger.  Simon X always rolls on 4 wheels which makes it super stable.
  • Patent-pending Super Ramp. Bolted on the machine like a weapon and coupled with the Tri-Wheel system it allows precision adjustments and infinite ball height variations. Quick and easy to use and the ultimate aid in developing a great soft game and working on your dink shots. Also, it is perfect for different height high forehand or backhand volleys and overhead practice. No other machine in the market even comes close to developing your soft game like Simon X. A real game-changer.
  • Exclusive dual built-in carry handles for lifting and transport.
  • Large easy to grab pull handle to maneuver X around the court.
  • Ball feed speeds of 1.5-10 seconds.
  • Advanced digital control panel.